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Guide to Springbok Tournaments

Online casinos will always have great promotions for their players; both new and existing account holders. You find a variety of bonuses ranging from welcome bonuses, no deposit, and free chips, to match up bonuses for extra cash. The only difference is that some have better offers than others. As such, Springbok Casino happens to be a favourite among the South African gamblers due to its numerous offers including its regular Springbok tournaments.

Basically, online casino tournaments have become a popular way of keeping the fun going while offering players an opportunity to win real money and increase their bankrolls. To participate in the tournaments, you pay an entry fee and get free credits or chips, which you can use in various games. Usually, you get to play a variety of popular games against other players and you could win big prizes.


Understanding Casino Tournaments

Actually, these are competitions on casino games where gamers play against each other and the casino. Players are able to see their ranks, position and results on the leaderboards. The competitions are normally quite aggressive thus you need to bring your' A 'game. As we had mentioned earlier, you receive credits once you pay an entry fee. They're to be used for various games, and keep in mind that the games are allocated a certain period of time.

The player that wins the most at the end takes all. This is basically the principle for almost all the Springbok tournaments, but some certain rules may vary from one game to the other or event to event.


How Springboks Tournaments Work

Springbok tournaments don't have large wager requirements. In effect, the small wagers are made by many different players, and as more rounds are played, there are fewer players qualifying for next rounds. Just like in other casinos, there is only one winner at the end of the contest. However, there're several ways to determine winners such as;

  • Most cash won over 20 consecutive wins
  • Most money won
  • Top overall payout percentage
  • Highest payout percentage over 20 consecutive wins

As it is, these contests are a fun way to keep the adventure going while indulging in various kinds of games. All that is required is for you signup for a real money account if you are new or log into your account. You can take part for Springbok tournaments via your mobile or desktop casino.

Springbok Tournaments

Springbok tournaments are not only a superb way of interacting with other participants but also winning huge prizes. As a matter of fact, several South Africa nationals have won huge amounts of cash from casino games tournaments. You could be part of the regular R25000 tournament at this site available for all players. This particular bonus can be used by members from Mozambique, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and South Africa. Some other Springbok tournaments that are most liked include 50 free spins and 25 free spins bonus that are retrievable using special coupon codes.

When you win the money, it's credited to your account where you are able to cashout using your preferred payment mode. Note that 2019 Springbok slots tournaments are only available in download casino version.

Types Of Tournaments

Basically, there are mostly three types of casino tournaments in which players could participate. The first is prize pot where the prize pot is formed from all the entry fees. The second is a fixed pot contest where a prize is guaranteed prior to the entry. The third kind is the free tournament; they're for fun and could be awarded as part of loyalty schemes or even promotions. It's worth mentioning that there're other types but these are what players look for often. Some game options for the contests include video poker, poker, blackjack and online slots.


Why Participate In Springbok Tournaments

One advantage of participating in Springbok tournaments is the huge prize pot as well as a competitive edge. Also, you get to play for extended periods of time without additional costs. As such, you enjoy your favorites longer for much less that ultimately saves on your bankroll.

Additionally, players get the chance to cancel out bad hands given the multiple spins allowed in these contests. In normal casino games, players invest in a single game that could result in a loss. Well, in tournaments, you have the opportunity to make up for losses without losing more of your cash.